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1. Fill in your informations

Type *#06# on your phone to get the IMEI code, or read the sticker under the phone battery  


Enter the email address where you want to receive your unlock code

Unlock price: 10 euro
Unlock time: 2 - 3 minute
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2. Select the payment method
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Unlock LG T315

Before placing an order for a Unlock Code, please check that your LG Phone is accepting codes and still has few remaining attempts. In order to check all this you have to follow the instructions down below (How to enter the unlock code). In case that your phone is not accepting any unlock codes or does not have any remaining attempts please DO NOT place any order for the unlock code. You won't be able to enter it into the phone. 


The unlocking of LG T315 is very simple. Unlock by IMEI is the safest way to unlock your mobile phone. You can find your IMEI by typing *#06# on your phone's keypad or you can find it  reading the sticker under the phone's battery.

How long it takes to get the unlock code for LG T315 ?

You will receive the unlock code in 5-10 Minutes after you have finalized the order and after the payment is cleared. In case the IMEI is New Security the calculation time is near 12h. This is RARE.

How to enter the unlock code ?

To enter the unlock code ( NCK or SPCK ) that you have received on your email, you have to do the folowing :

1. Power On your phone, with a unsupported SIM CARD,

2. Your phone will show the message " Phone Restricted "

3. Select the Cancel Button,

4. On the window with " Phone Restreiction Code " enter the unlock code,

5. The phone will restart,

6. Your Phone is now Unlocked


*NCK - Network Code Key

*SPCK - Service Provider Code Key

How safe is the Unlocking of LG T315 by IMEI ?

IMEI unlocking is the safest and easy way to unlock your phone. There is no alteration on your mobile's phone software. The SIM Restriction is permanently removed by entering the Unique Unlock Code into your phone. The Unlock codes are generated by LG Servers.

Is there any way to unlock LG T315 for free ?

The new generation of mobile phones can't be unlocked for free. 

Online you will find a lot of software and code generators that promises you that it will unlock your phone for free, but in most cases that is not true. If you enter the wrong unlock code into your phone too many times, you can brick or lock your phone's counters. If you lock the counters, your phone can't be unlocked by IMEI. That is why we DO NOT Encourage the use of such kind of software.

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