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Unlock your Huawei G7210

If you want to unlock your Huawei phone, you have to fill out the order form below. You will receive the unlock code in the quickest time possible.

!! WARNING !! Before you place any order please check if your phone can be unlocked. You can find out by powering your phone with a Unsupported Sim Card and see what kind of message shows up on your screen:

Simlock Block Unlock Reset Key - CANNOT BE UNLOCKED
Sim Network Subset Unlock Pin - CANNOT BE UNLOCKED
SIM Network Unlock PIN sau Input NP Code - Your phone can be unlocked

1. Fill in your informations

Type *#06# on your phone to get the IMEI code, or read the sticker under the phone battery  


Enter the email address where you want to receive your unlock code

Unlock price: 5 euro
Unlock time: 1 - 2 Minute
  I accept the Terms & conditions
2. Select the payment method
23.28 lei
5 euro + TVA
5 euro

How to enter the unlock code ?

To enter the unlock code ( NP Code ) that you have received on your email, you have to do the folowing :

1. Power On your Huawei with a Unsupported SIM CARD
2. A window will pop up ( Input NP Code )
3. Insert the unlock code that you received from us
4. Your Huawei is now Unlocked.

If You have any concerns of questions please contact our  Online Support Team

 To talk to an operator Click Here

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